Why Sprinter?

With the lowest operating costs in North America and highest retained value. Click here to find out how the DUR-A-BUS™ Sprinter saves you more every time.

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Find your DUR-A-BUS™

Our GT model is the only Sprinter in North America with the luggage capacity to hold 20 large suitcases. Click here to find a DUR-A-BUS™ configuration that meets your needs today.

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How does DUR-A-BUS™ score on a real Road Test?

Bus Ride Magazine takes the DUR-A-BUS™ GT model for a test drive. Click here to find out how DUR-A-BUS™ compares to the competition.

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Why Sprinter

Higher Fuel Efficieny

Higher Fuel Efficieny (cents/km)

Retained Value (As % of MSRP)

Retained Value (As % of MSRP)
(Based on ownership scenario of 5 years and 50,000 km/year)

Lowest Operation Costs

Maintenance Interval

7G-TRONIC Transmission

Blue efficiency

2-Stage Turbocharged Diesel Engine


New 2.1-Liter Four-Cylinder Turbo-Diesel

As a standard engine. This engine is popular overseas. Mercedes-Benz claims that the new four-cylinder turbo-diesel results in an 18 percent improvement in fuel efficiency over the already-efficient diesel V-6.

Blue Tech Diesel Engine

One of the world’s cleanest diesel engines delivers more power while producing fewer emissions thanks to BlueTEC SCR technology. The Sprinter MiniBus complies with the strict emissions limits of the EPA / CARB 2010 standards. It is a smooth, quiet, comfortable ride.

Dropped Luggage

DUR-A-BUS™ is the only Master Upfitter with the patented drop luggage feature. The largest luggage storage in its class, our exclusive design accommodates up to 20 large suitcases.

Multiple Configurations

We have multiple configurations and options to meet your needs.

Better Visibility

DUR-A-BUS™ is the only Master Upfitter in North America with an enlarged front windshield and side windows. Creating panoramic views throughout the entire bus, this exclusive patented feature improves both passenger and driver visibility.

New Airtight Plug Door

As opposed to the common bi-folding door on most minibuses, our new plug door is an airtight automatic sliding door that reduces outside noise, making the ride more relaxing and quiet for passengers.

Illuminated Overhead Storage

Our new illuminated features are not only a safety feature for our passengers at night, but also a novelty for locating belongings, seats and more.

Elevated Seating, Space and Comfort

At DUR-A-BUS™, we build a subfloor over the wheel wheels in order to elevate the last two rows of seating, resulting in a premium stadium-like seating layout for unobstructed passenger views. More passengers can also relax with increased space between seats, a convenient center walkway, and impressive interior height of up to 74″.


(Grand Touring)

(Accessible) - CARGO

(Accessible) - CAB

(Grand Touring)

(Accessible) - CARGO

(Accessible) - CAB

The only Sprinter in North America with the luggage capacity to hold
20 large suitcases



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